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Hi, I'm Missy!

I'm a curly girl who struggled with my natural curls for almost 25 years. After a bad experience with a chemical straightening treatment, I decided it was time to stop trying to be someone I wasn't.


I tried a slew of worthless products, and had countless bad haircuts before finally turning to books and the internet for help. I met local curl specialist Tiffany Taylor on a forum for natural curls and it was there that I also found my passion for helping fellow curlies. After 10 years of curly research and great haircuts from Tiffany, I decided to turn my passion into a career. When Tiffany offered to mentor and train me, I said "Learn from the "Curl Whisperer" herself? Yes please!!" 

MisfitCurls was BORN!


I also love color. When I was 12, I colored my hair a glorious "box" red (and my mother was furious!) By the time I was in high school I was formulating colors for myself and my friends. Now I continues to learn using professional products and have even delved into the bright world of fantasy colors (like my signature "rocking red" ringlets).

Overall I am friendly, outgoing, sympathetic to curly needs, and excited to be the stylist that I wish I would have had when I started my curl journey.

While curls are my passion, I also enjoy doing cuts, colors and styles on all types of hair!

Kristi C.

"Missy has been a life saver for this mom of a curly girl. She has taught her the proper techniques and proper products necessary to keep her healthy and beautiful! Missy is sweet as pie, easy to talk to, and a great teacher! We r so grateful to have her on our speed dial for hair cuts, styling, and curly hair knowledge!"

Nichole I.

"Missy is a great hair stylist that takes pride in her work. She helped me find a new look that I absolutely love. I found my new hair stylist after shop hopping for a few years. She is also very knowledgeable in trends and products. I would highly recommend her to everyone!!"

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